Dizzy Bee Energy Drink

The Dribbble Weekly Warm-Up for this week is:

Design a Label for a Fictional Carbonated Beverage


As soon as I read the prompt for this week, I started the ideation phase on things related to carbonated beverages. I immediately came up with "fizzy" (shocker), which led to "beer" (which I rejected as "obvious"), then somehow lost the R along the way and "fizzy bee" popped into my head. That lead to the idiom "busy bee"..."energy drink"...rhymes with "dizzy." I had my concept!

The very first thing I did was draw out the different aspects of the bee. I knew this would be the hardest part because illustration is one of my weakest areas. I initially had a flat bee, then I recalled my days dabbling in pixel art and chose a shading approach reminiscent of that. The shading took an extremely long time (due to struggling with Figma) before I figured out a much easier method.

I wanted a more whimsical, messy feel for my bee (who is, after all, dizzy) so I purposely misaligned the fill from the stroke. I spent a lot of time cycling through various fonts for the label before determining that a background was needed.

The background pattern came about purely because I have a bad memory, and drew a diamond-ish shape that I thought (at least to my recollection), looked like a honeycomb. Spoiler alert: That is not at all what honeycombs look like. Well, I tried. I mirrored the diamond, then flipped it upside down, repeat x 100, et cetera.

At this point only what has a honeycomb background existed, and in my opinion it didn't give off enough of a "label" vibe, so I extended its width and added some common drink can elements. My final touches were shifting the fill on the text and red banner, which I didn't even think of until the very end (but I think fit perfectly).