Snowdrop Icon

The Dribbble Weekly Warm-Up for this week is:

Design an Icon Representing Your Favorite Film

I have a few favorite films, but the one that first popped into my head (and that I thought would be a fun challenge) was Stardust. If you haven't seen it, it's an amazing blend of fantasy, adventure, comedy, and romance. The snowdrop flower is a key item in the plot - it's enchanted to protect its bearer.


I started out by drawing (actually, mostly tracing) a reference image for the
flower petals (v1). I realized it looked terrible so I searched for more
realistic reference images and tried to adapt a more closed flower from the
pretty "bloomed" images I found. This felt right so I moved on to the inside of
the bloom, which at one point was a linear gradient (v2).

The flower parts of the stem were quite easy to reshape, but I struggled quite a bit with the long stem (leaf?). The long stem in the pictures is thicker at the top end and thinner at the bottom, while also curved over, and I had a lot of issues getting a shape to it that I was happy about. I experimented with shading on the stem a lot as well (v3), as well as made my flowers more "bloomed" than they had been. At the end of this, I duplicated the flower for a second one and made minor distinguishing adjustments to it (v4).

I felt as though this was my final version, but in the end I made more changes to the shape of the long stem (this really got to me) and painstakingly adjusted different light/shadows before scrapping shading altogether and making the icon flat. One of the very last things I did was change the inside petal's color from a linear gradient to a solid.

I'm very happy with how it turned out and what I was able to produce, but this project has really pushed to top of mind how much I still have to learn in terms of light and shadow. I think that's something I'm going to look for a course for in the near future.