Little Caesars Hockey Pennant

The Dribbble Weekly Warm-Up for this week is:

Design a Pennant for Your Favorite Sports Team

Being from the metro Detroit area in Michigan, I grew up around a lot of Little Caesars pizza. Little Caesars was also prevalent in youth sports - mainly hockey. The owners of the Detroit Red Wings also own Little Caesars, and their foundation funds a youth hockey league that several of my classmates played in.


I initially started with the outline of a basic pennant, and some references I liked. While adding the left vertical border, I couldn't help but shake this feeling that it made the triangle look like a pizza slice. Just for fun I modified the left border to be rounded more like crust, and I knew that I wanted to make this pizza. But what does pizza have to do with sports? Well, of course Little Caesars Hockey came to mind.

I originally used the new Little Caesars mascot for reference but quickly switched to the older version since he is more fun, classic, and has more color to use. I actually sampled the colors for my crust, cheese, and pepperoni from the above graphic.

Version 1 has me experimenting with adding cheese dripping off, since a pizza slice on its side would probably have some issues with gravity. Version 2 shows the addition of the pepperoni (also modeled from the classic mascot graphic) and changing the color of the leftmost tassels.

In Version 3, I had added some text (in a classic sporty style, of course) and experimented with shading on the crust. In Version 4, you can see that I modified the leftmost tassels to match the mascot's laurels, I added more cheese drippings and merged them into the cheese layer. I also added shading to the cheese layer.

The final version includes several changes including different fonts and colors, more sophisticated inner shadows on certain elements like the pepperoni, more sophisticated drop shadows on the entire pennant, and some general softening of colors.