Kitty Couch Snoozes

The Dribbble Weekly Warm-Up for this week is:

Design Something that Celebrates Love

I looked to my right, at my cat asleep on the couch, and I knew I had the perfect representation of true love.


I knew this would be a challenge because for some reason, I've tried to draw furniture before and have always struggled. Version 1 saw me make a 3-seater that I knew was ugly, but couldn't figure out how to make less ugly. I used a reference image of a real couch for this part.

Version 2 saw me attempt to improve upon my ugly couch by adding a blanket (a common feature on my real-life couch that the real-life cat likes to sleep on). I also added a shadow to the corner of the couch, and some depth to the cushions.

For version 3, I had found another reference image - but of a couch illustration. This helped me a lot with how to color different areas of the couch in order to imply depth. I removed one seat from the couch, added depth to the blanket and recolored it, and began on a pillow (also another staple of my real-life couch).

Version 4 was where I finished the blanket and began on the cat. The cat caused me a lot of problems (which tracks with my real-life cat...). At this point something still felt wrong about the overall tone but I couldn't place it.

Version 5 is interesting because a) I spent so much time focused on the cat and pillow that I didn't take any in-progress pics and b) I had at one point considered it the final version. Reflecting back on the prompt to "celebrate love," I recolored everything in a more romantic palette. Obviously the cat went from almost nothing to completely colored, and the pillow underwent a change as well. I added shadows to the pillow, blanket, the cat, and under the couch, as well as adding legs to the couch. I almost called this final...

The final version saw me lean much more heavily into a pink couch, adjusting the shading colors as necessary, and adding "sleeping hearts" (instead of Zs) to the cat. I thought about making a really minor animation to the hearts but really, I just need to call this one done. Maybe in a future project I'll isolate the cat and hearts and animate them.